The Elm Street Crusaders

Kevin, Michael, Tommy, Braiden and Jen all live on Buttercup Lane. They call themselves the Elm Street Crusaders, because you just can’t sound tough with a name like Buttercup.

For 10 years their lives have been “normal”, but ever since the new kid Bradley moved to town things that’s all changed.

This game originally started in 2009 as a way for me to get my feet wet STing for my group of friends. I had STed before, but not for quite awhile and never for a group as large and rowdy as my own group of friends had grown to be over the years.

If the story hook sounds familiar, that’s probably because it is! I want to give credit where credit is due. I was fairly inexperienced and didn’t have a whole lot of time for planning my husband suggest that I run an SAS module just to get things going and make it easy on myself. I decided I wanted to run Innocents, since it gave the opportunity for different kinds of stories than our usual games. The module is called “The New Kid” and while we quickly put our own spin and flavor on everything, as RPers tend to do, I appreciate the start it gave me as a new ST.

We played several sessions, and because of our diversions of kids being kids and liking to mess around and get into playground fights…we’d just managed to make it to the climax of the story when that reoccurring game killer called “real life” struck and we dropped the game. Over the next few years we’d lovingly joke about our characters or I’d dangle the promise of finish up the story but it didn’t seem like it would happen…until now!

A few months ago my husband picked up the Dresden RPG books for me. It took me while to actually get around to reading them, though I had just enough knowledge of the Aspects & Character generation system to think the game was neat. I am not a combat or rules heavy player, I like some dice and skills for randomness and unpredictability but what I desire out of any RPG is a good story. We already had a good, albeit half finished, story going with our Innocents game and characters that people still talked about years later…you can’t really ask for more than that. So, instead of start a new game I decided to go through the notes and characters I had from our old game & convert things over.

The group sat down over burgers and beers and we stated out the City of Austin, Locations and Faces, Themes and Threats from the point of view of their Innocents characters. So if you’re looking over the City and it’s Aspects and they seem a little small and focused, that’s why…we’ve designed it with the scope of our kids in mind…and honestly the group came up with some great stuff! I intended to make the characters age a few years with every Significant Mile Stone…and update the city, face & locations as we did, but there is so much good stuff it’s going to be difficult to let the characters grow up!

If you’re reading this, I hope you enjoy this resource for our game whether you’re a player or passerby. Thanks for playing & thanks for reading.


Dresden Austin