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Buttercup Lane & Beyond

The kids of Buttercup Lane have a reputation to protect. They call themselves the Elm Street Crusaders, because you just can’t sound tough with a name like Buttercup. Sure, every kid on the block doesn’t belong to their little ‘gang’, but if they don’t fit in they have to walk to another bus stop, that’s just how it is.

For 10 years their lives have been “normal”, but ever since the new kid Bradley moved to town that’s all changed. Just how far are the Crusaders willing to go to keep their street safe?

Player Characters

Status Quo

Current Status Quo

  • Supernatural: The old baron, a dragon seemingly content to be a god inn the arena of men, holds a strong political and financial influence over the city while the Fae hold most of the mystical power. For now they live with a policy of mutual ‘non-interference’.
  • Mundane: Small businesses maintain a strong hold on the city. Political corruption runs rampant.

Themes and Threats

  • Threat: The ‘Snow Man’ and his drug cartel are moving into Austin and targeting kids.
    City Aspect: Young Targets



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